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Press release - Business takeover

Transfer of business & succession plan

Manuel Sieben und Thomas Breuer

As PolyMerge GmbH, we will continue running the business in our well-known business premises at Wallensteinstrasse 5-7, 82538 Geretsried. We are offering the unchanged product and service portfolio of BF Maschinen GmbH. In addition, we will expand our activities in the area of plastic welding. PolyMerge GmbH is retaining all the employees of BF Maschinen GmbH.

In accordance with our motto “SIMPLY WELDING”, we want to make working with us as easy as possible. For this, we act as a technologically-independent provider of machines for plastic welding. In addition to proven system technology, we offer advice on the selection of the appropriate welding process and support in the design of welding-friendly components. Through new partnerships, we will further expand and internationalize our sales activities and range of services.

Thomas Breuer, managing director of BF Maschinen GmbH, will monitor the transition and will also be available for questions. Manuel Sieben, Managing Director of PolyMerge GmbH, has a degree in engineering and has been working in this industry for many years. They are both looking forward to a promising future!

Polymerge GmbH - Press release (EN)

Polymerge GmbH - Press release (DE)

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