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Various applications

The range of applications of plastic welding is enormous. A joining process is used wherever plastic housings need to be securely closed following an assembly process. Every industry and every application has its own requirements for process technology. As part of our work, we have already been able to develop and construct production systems for a wide variety of applications. Within the automotive industry, the spectrum includes various interior applications, rear lights, sensor and control unit housings and fluid containers. The requirements range from tightness, strength and a good-looking weld seam to a flash-free appearance.

In addition to the automotive supply industry, we also have installations that serve the pharmaceutical and medical industries. In addition to the requirements already mentioned, the clean room suitability and disinfectability of the machine play a major role here.
Regardless of the industry and application, process control measures are regularly required for safety-relevant components. Here, too, we have access to a wide range of different in- and offline systems. The integration of a leak test into our machine is part of our standard repertoire.

We would be happy to work together with you to develop a system concept tailored to your requirement profile.

In addition to welding machines, we offer the development and construction of assembly aids and automatic machines. If you do not want an entire machine, we can also offer our development and manufacturing expertise for the construction of machine elements. One of these components has already made it to space on the ISS. We are particularly proud of this and are happy every time we look up at the sky.