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Parking Sensor

The installation of ultrasonic sensors in bumpers is particularly demanding. The components are painted before the openings are punched. Therefore, the processing takes place on a highly sensitive visible surface, which must be protected from damage during handling. Due to the size and weight of the components, the development of an ergonomic operating concept is very important. The punching is carried out with the help of ultrasound. This prevents the paint from peeling off in the cutting area and rounds off the cut edges. The welding of the sensor holder takes place on the reverse side of the bumper. This process takes place on the reverse side of components made of polypropylene. However, since a counterforce must be applied to the paint surface, the risk of paint damage on the A side is not negligible. Another problem is the weld seam being visible in the form of sink marks. This effect is contrary to the desire to reduce the material thickness through the reduction in the use of material and the weight of the component.

PolyMerge has experience in dealing with these requirements. We have optimized our welding processes to minimize the tendency to form sink marks. Thanks to our independence in the welding process, we can achieve optimal results together with you.