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Ignition Key

The car key is a small piece of artwork in pocket size. The density of requirements is particularly high in this application. There are demands concerning the apearance, haptic and, of course the function. In addition, the key should be able to survive a spin cycle intact. This application profile poses an enormous challenge for welding technology. Two housing half shells of the same colour are joined leaving almost no gaps. The weld seam must remain invisible from the outside and there is no space for the melt to escape. The frequent requirement for mechanical locking also increases the level of difficulty. In these cases, the welding process mechanically fixes an internal component (e.g. a printed circuit board or the foldable key part). The sum of the requirements therefore requires the highest precision.

Depending on the key structure, PolyMerge can offer and use various methods. The degree of automation in the production of ignition keys is relatively high. The seamless integration of the welding process into the line concept plays a particularly important role here. Based on our history and expertise, we can work out an optimal manufacturing concept for you.