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Fuel Tank

The entire automotive supply industry is currently struggling with the poor predictability of automotive sales. This especially applies to engine components and fuel systems. This results in an investment risk that is difficult to calculate. One way to counter the risk of bad investments is the application of flexible manufacturing concepts. These can also be used for the production of other projects.

PolyMerge offers highly integrated tank processing facilities. The necessary processing steps such as cutting, welding, punching and crimping are carried out with or without relocating the tank within the system. In addition to the classic structure, PolyMerge also offers flexible robot-based manufacturing units. These can easily be converted to alternative projects.

The development effort of the engine is continuously being optimized through immense development effort. However, pollutants such as hydrocarbons also form independently of the combustion processes. They escape from the tank as a result of diffusion and are regulated in new emission laws with increasingly narrow limit values. The barrier properties of tanks can be significantly improved by using special materials and material combinations. The weak points are and remain the cutouts and welds. We have optimized our welding technology to ensure a constant weld seam quality despite the scattering of blow-moulded parts. Our unique servo drive technology works quickly and with extreme precision.